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Account Settings

Account settings can be managed by the Account Administrator only. These settings include a variety of options to help you manage your portal. With features ranging from Audit trails to integrations with e-signatures, check out this article for more information on how to tailor your portal to suit your companies needs.

 This article will cover each of the features below:


Account Settings:

To find your Account Setting, navigate to your profile in the top right corner of your Clinked Account. Here you will find a dropdown option to open up the area to find your Account Settings area. See below: 



In the Account Settings area, you will find the various options to manage your account. Let's visit these individually. 



  1. Upgrade to a new package - this gives you the ability to change your package if or when needed
  2. See how much allowance you have used, and how much remains based on your Clinked package. For example, how many members or how much storage has been used.
  3. Deactivate your account 
  4. Compare Packages 


Organisation and Domain:

Here you can change the name of your portal. This is usually set as your organisation's name. You can also modify your clinked.com subdomain. If you would like to use your own domain, please check out this article on how to set this up.



Profile Fields

Profile fields are what make up a members profile. All members have the option to complete default fields of Full Name, Title, Location, Phone Number, Company and Email Address when setting up their profile. In addition, here you can add more fields to enhance their profile.

To add a field, simply type in the name of the field and select update. If you would like to change the order of these, you would need to remove the first one and re-add to put it behind.



Add your custom branding to your portal here. You can upload a custom banner image, favicon, logo and select your colour scheme. To find out how, please check out our Account Branding article.



The Region area is where you will select the main default language for the portal. Members can change their personal region/language in personal settings if they wish, though this will not change the main default language for others.




As a default, the Clinked tools are named as you will see in the image below. If your company would like to change the terminology, this is the section you would do so.

For example, you could change Groups to 'Clients' or 'Distributors' or the Events to 'Appointments' or 'Calendar'.


Audit Trail:

Here, Administrators can view the activity of all of your users within the portal.

You can refine your search according to the below:

  1. Date Range
  2. Event/Action the member took
  3. You can search by individual groups or search All
  4. Search by a specific member
  5. You can also export this data as a CSV file



Security & Authentication:

Keeping you account secure is important, with this in mind we have the following option below to ensure this is possible:

  1. Choose which iFrame domain you would like to be authorised 
  2. Choose your password strength & whether you would like a special character/digit
  3. Two factor authentication 
  4. Configure single sign on



Linked Devices:

Within linked devices you can see all the devices members have connected to the account. You can see their device type, name, IP address and their last activity date within the portal. There is a filter option to make searching quicker and if you need to revoke a members access, here is where you would do so.





A great addition to the Clinked portal is the integration with Adobe Sign, making it quicker and easier to sign documents with an e signature. If you have an account with Adobe Sign, this is where you would switch it on.


Now you know how to manage the account settings, check out this article on how Manage Group Members.