Activity Stream

Activity Streams are a way to keep everybody on Clinked up to date with the latest events at all times. Whenever someone carries out an action on Clinked it is reported by these activity streams, whether it is contributing to a discussion, uploading a new file, or editing a page. Each group has the option to add the activity stream to your dashboard using the edit widgets feature, this can be added and removed by the Group administrator or Account administrator.

Below is an example of an activity stream within a Group homepage:


Each group you are a member of has an Activity stream. If you are a member of multiple groups, you will see a consolidated activity stream from all your groups activities on your Members dashboard.

It is possible to set up activity streams on both consolidated or group levels to an RSS reader, to avoid having to login to Clinked just to check the latest activities. This is done by clicking the "Subscribe (RSS feed)" link at the bottom of each activity stream.