Can I reclaim VAT?

In order for a UK Company to be able to reclaim VAT; the amount needs to be in GBP, not USD, EUR or CAD.

In order to switch your account from USD/EUR/CAD to GBP, you will first need to de-activate your subscription (without permanently deleting your account) and sign up again using the correct currency: GBP during payment.

To de-activate your account, please go to Account Settings and choose De-activate Your Account link (located right upper corner). After this step please DO NOT click on "Permanently delete my account" as this would delete all your data!

After de-activating, you will need to re-subscribe by choosing the correct currency: GBP during signing up. This may also be a good time to sign up for a year (instead of monthly) if you wish and benefit from 2 months free (which is around 16% discount)

If you'd like us to assist with this, we can call you at a suitable time and help you complete this.