Changing a User Name


Once a member has created their user name, it is not possible to update it directly. User names are how interations within Clinked are tracked. Given our extensive audit functionality, the traceability of a user name is paramount and therefore a concrete component of the system.


We recognise that there may be a need to change the username from time to time. As such, we are providing a process for the Account Administrator and the member to take to accomplish changing the user name. 


Step 1. Change Member's Email Address

Navigate to the Account Members area and find the member you'd like to adjust the user name for. Click into the Member's profile and change the current email address to an alternative email address that is not already registered to another member. Simply type in the box next to the email icon to enter a new email and hit "Save"


Step 2. Invite Member to Account

Next, in the Account Members section take the steps to invite the member to the account as a new member using their original email address





Step 3. Member Accepts Invitation & Create Preferred User Name

The member will receive an invitation to their email address. They will need to follow the steps outlined to accept access and set up their preferred user name. 


Step 4. Delete Member's Original 
Once the member has accepted the invitation and set up their new profile, the account administrator can delete the old member profile in the Account Members area.