The Clinked discussions tool is an intuitive and inclusive area of the portal, it can be used to conceptualise and deliberate on topics. Members can use the discussions tool to get feedback on work projects or simply use it to come up with casual meeting plans.

This article will explain how to manage Discussions in Clinked by covering the following:

Introduction to Discussions

Discussions can be used by any members of portal in their group(s) apart from a read only member who can only view them. They are easy to create within the groups and it is simple for other members of the group to collaborate on. A great feature of the discussions is that everyone can update it as and when they choose and there are no time constraints to how long a discussion can be open.


How to create a Discussion

Step 1.

To create a discussion head to the right-hand side of the discussions board and click the green button labelled 'New Discussion'. 

Step 2. 

It will then open the box you see below, simply type in the discussion topic and any other details below that you would like to include. You also have some formatting options to choose from and the option to add tags. 

Step 3.

Click save, your discussion is now ready for other members to collaborate on.


How to apply permissions to a discussion

A Discussion Board can have permissions applied. You will be able to choose the options of who and how can access the discussion. 

Who: Permissions will be set for either:

  • Group Members - you can grant special permissions to individuals in the "Additional Individual Permissions" area if desired. You can edit or remove the individual permissions, which puts the user back to the default Group member permission level.
  • Nobody - keep as Nobody if you'd like this to be only accessible to yourself. If you'd like this to be accessible to a set person or people, you can grant special permissions to individuals in the "Additional Individual Permissions" area and assigned access levels.  

How:  Permissions on how the chosen Members iterate with the discussion can be adjusted by using the drop-down menu to change to the preferred interaction levels of: 

  • View means a member can only view the file.

  • View and Edit means a member can do all of the above plus edit/upload a new version of the file.

  • View, Edit and Delete means a member can do all of the above plus delete the file.

  • Administer means a member has the same rights as the account administrator for the file. 


How to set permissions when creating a new discussion

Step 1.

Firstly create a new discussion and save it.

Step 2.

Open the discussion and hit edit then navigate to the permission section at the bottom.

Step 3.

Select the permission settings that best suit your content, and if you would like to assign permission to a specific person you can do that also.


How to change permissions in an existing discussion

Permissions on an existing discussion can be updated by Account Administrators and Group Administrators. The only time a content contributor can set permissions is when they create a new discussion themselves. All access levels are the same as listed above in the new discussion section.


How to add attachments to discussion

You have the option to add attachments to discussions, this could be a file or a photo that you feel is applicable to the discussion and that you'd like people to see. To add an attachment please follow the steps below:


Step 1.

Open up the discussion you would like to add an attachment to.

Step 2.

Locate the attachments section in the bottom of the comments box as shown in the image below



Step 3. 

A box like the one below will pop up, you'll have the choice to either attach a file from an existing file within the portal, from your computer or from Google Docs.



- From your group files - If selecting from an existing file within the portal, check the box next to the file once you have found it and select upload.

From your computer -  When uploading from your computer, you will need to search for the file and select it > then select start upload and close the box once this is complete.

Google Docs -  When uploading from Google Docs, use the search bar to find the google document you need and select it > then select start upload and close the box once this is complete.


How to filter through discussions

To make it easy to locate the discussion you need, we have some filter options available for you. 

Search Bar filter - Type a word in the search bar that matches a word in the discussion you would like to find.

Dropdown filter - Click on the icon the arrow is pointing to, and select the filter that best suits your search.



Now that you've learnt all about our Discussions tool, why not check out this article on how to manage our Notes tool.