Document Watermarking

Learn how to use Document Watermarking in Clinked

This article will cover the  following:

How to enable Document Watermarking 

In order to enable watermarking, first navigate to a group then go to Group Settings.



Scroll down and you will see a tab for Document Watermarking



When you open this tab you’ll see the following list of preferences to choose from

  • IP 
    • Displays the IP address of the user viewing the document 
  • Email 
    • Displays the email address of the user viewing the document
  • Timestamp
    • Displays the date and time of the user accessing the file

Document watermarking

Select your preferred options, or choose to display custom text. 

You will then need to switch the Enable Document Watermarking button to on, and then select update. 


How to watermark documents 

Once the feature is enabled, you can go to the files section and watermark any file or folder by selecting the three dots icon, then select Watermark from the drop down.




When viewing the file you will then see the watermark depending on selected preferences.




Which file types are supported for Document Watermarking?

Supported documents include: pdf, jpeg, png