Dropbox Integration


Did you know that you can sync many of your software products to your Clinked account? 

We’ve partnered up with Zapier to help Clinked integrate with the software products that are part of your organisation’s processes and workflow. Clinked can be integrated with your DropBox account in various ways using Zapier to automate workflow using Zaps.

An example of a frequently used Zap is syncing Dropbox files to a Clinked Group. This type of Zap allows for files added into a Dropbox folder to be automatically uploaded into a Clinked Group folder.


Let’s explore how to set up this Zap from Dropbox to Clinked as shown below once set up:


Step 1: Go into Zapier and create an account. Once logged in, go to your Zapier dashboard and select the apps to connect - as shown below between Dropbox to Clinked:



Step 2: Select the correct trigger in Dropbox, in this case it is ‘New File in folder’: 


Step 3: You’ll be prompted to connect your Dropbox account with Zapier.


Step 4: You will then be asked to select a specific Dropbox folder for the file to come from, and you have the choice to include the file contents or not.


Step 5: The next step is to choose the action event in Clinked. As we would like a file to be uploaded as an action from the trigger, we have chosen ‘upload file’.


Step 6: The next step is to connect Zapier with your Clinked account.


Step 7: Then choose the Group and the specific folder inside this group you wish the file to be uploaded to. You will also need to select the property below named ‘File (exists but not shown)’ in order for the correct information to be pulled.



Step 8: Select test and continue, it should then say test successful as shown below. Then select done editing and it will come up with the end page saying your Zap is ready. The next step is turn Zap on.


Curious to explore how to go from Clinked to DropBox? Try the above in the opposite way!