GoToMeeting Integration

Did you know that you can sync many of your software products to your Clinked account? 

We’ve partnered up with Zapier to help Clinked integrate with the software products that are part of your organisation’s processes and workflow. Clinked can be integrated with your GoToMeeting account in various ways using Zapier to automate workflow using Zaps.

Within Clinked, we’ve found the most useful for our clients is for New Meetings. Let’s explore:

GoToMeeting Trigger: New Meetings + Clinked Action: Create Event
Allows for the details of a meeting or webinar created in your GoToMeeting account to be automatically created as an event in the chosen Clinked Group


Let’s explore how to set up this Zap from GoToMeeting to Clinked as shown below once set up:


Step 1: Go into Zapier and create an account. Once logged in, go to your Zapier dashboard and select the apps to connect - as shown below between GoToMeeting to Clinked:

Step 2: Choose to create Zap - choose GoToMeeting & Clinked

Step 3: In Zap creation window, confirm the App & Trigger:

Step 4: Log into your GoToMeeting account

Step 5: Choose a past meeting to test

Step 6: Test Trigger

Step 7: Move into the Action for Clinked - confirm both App & Action:


Step 8: Log into your Clinked Account & choose the Group the event will be created for

Step 9: Choose how to customise the New Meeting details that will be set up in the Clinked Group. Below is an example: 

Step 10: Test Action

Step 11: Go to your Clinked Group to see the output

Step 12: Adjust in Zapier as needed.