Mention Messaging

If you want to target specific member(s) of your groups, you can use the "@ mention" message functionality when writing a microblog or leaving a comment/reply. This is an excellent way to make other team members quickly aware of news or updates, especially if they are not logged in to Clinked on a permanent basis, since the receipients get an email notification with your comment and link to the content you mentioned. 

Since new content (uploaded or created) are "unfollowed" by your team members by default, the Mention messaging will make it easier to make them aware of the new content existence.  

Other team members will see your Mention message in their Activity stream (i.e. it is not private messaging), but only targeted users will receive an email notification.

It is quick and easy to make a Mention message

  • After you have uploaded a file (or created a page, task, event), start typing a message in the Comments box
  • Activate the mention messaging by typing the "@" sign, followed by the name of the team member you want to target. It can be introduced anywhere in the comments box
  • The Clinked system will auto suggest names of your team members, when you type a letter after the "@" sign. It continues to filter out names as you continue typing the name
  • Click the appropriate name of the suggestested names, and the name will be integrated into your comment
  • Repeat again if targeting multiple users
  • Click "Post" to make the comment public, and generate the email notification(s). See example below where a team colleague was "mentioned"


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