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Content Following

When you "follow" specific content, you get more visibility of changes to the files compared to content you are not "following". If you "follow" a specific document, you get email notifications every time there is an update to the document or a comment made by your team colleagues. Each member can decide what content to "follow" or "unfollow". Content following is activated either automatically or manually.

Automatic Content following is activated when you:

  • Upload a new file
  • Create a new page, task, event
  • Edit an existing file, page, task or event
  • Leave a comment or reply to comment relating to an existing file, page, task or event

Manual content following is activated when you:

  • Click the "follow this content" icon, situated in the top left corner of the page where the content is stored or on the list view page (shown below).
  • click the icon again to "unfollow"


How to make team members immediately aware of new content

When new content is created or uploaded, it is only the Creator who "follows" the content.

In order to make other team members aware of the new file immediately (assuming they are not logged in to Clinked e.g.), you can use the @mention messaging feature. This will generate an email to the targeted persons, including a link to the content and your message. The recipients can then activate the Follow capability per above. 


Sort your Activity stream to show content you "follow"

You see all group activites in your Activity stream by default. Click the "Following" tab on top of the Activity stream to show filter out updates which you have not engaged with (see below).

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