The Files feature provides a way for users to share different types of files amongst themselves without having to use email.

This means that rather than sending an important document attached to an email, which then may or may not get lost in your colleagues' email inbox, you can upload it to Clinked and it becomes available to all group members all of the time.



How to upload a file

Multiple files can be uploaded by clicking the 'Upload File' button in the top-right corner of the page. They will then appear in the files list. You can also choose Google files or upload via email.

When uploading, you can choose who to share the file with. This can also be modified at a later date by navigating to the bottom of a file and finding the Permissions setting.


How to edit a file

When you click on a file, you will be taken to the file's live preview. Here you will be able to add annotations, comment, share, request approval and monitor activity and version control for your file.

You can also lock the file to prevent duplicate editing, control viewing/editing permissions (administrators only) and print the file directly from within the portal.



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