Uploading Content

Upload Content to your Clinked group

Once you have created your group, invited members and set user permissions, you can start uploading files, as well as creating content within Clinked.

There are 4 common ways of uploading content to your Group:

  • Use the File Uploading tool
  • Email the files to your Group
  • Connect your Google Drive to your Group
  • Attach a file to a Page

File Uploading tool

The File Uploading tool allows you to upload files straight into the folder of choice within your Group.

This is how to do it:

  • Go to the Group where the content should be made available.
  • Click "Files" in the left hand navigation.
  • Click "Upload File(s)" in the upper right corner.
  • Choose "Upload files" to start adding files from your computer.
  • You can do batch uploads by adding more files before clicking "Start upload".
    • Our file uploader handles multiple file uploading if Flash or HTML5 is installed. If using a browser which do not support Flash or HTML5, the new File Uploading tool will only enable you to upload one file at the time.
  • Access permissions to these files are defaulted to "All Group members can view, edit and delete". 
    • You can change the settings on this page or after the file(s) are uploaded.
    • If different users should have different access permissions to the files, it is best to manage user permissions on a file by file cases.


Email the files to your Group

If you have received files via email, you can forward the email to your Group, and the file will appear in the Root folder. From there you can move files into your folder of choice.

For security reasons, the following conditions have to be met in order for a user to upload files via email:  

  • the email address with which a user has signed up with to Clinked.
  • connected to a person with permission to upload files to the group.

Each group has a unique email address. You find it by clicking "Files" in the left menu navigation for the relevant group, followed by clicking "Email upload" in the "Upload File(s) menu in the upper right corner (see illustration below).

You will now see an email address (see below) - copy this email address and use it for sending or forwarding email attachments to this particular group.

Make Google files available within your Clinked group

You can connect your Google account with Clinked and make Google files available from within the File section of your particular Group. Navigate to your File section of the relevant Group, then choose "Attach Google files" from the "Upload File(s) menu in the upper right corner (see illustration above).

You may be prompted to connect your Google account to the Group before you can choose which Google files to make visible to your Clinked group. If that is the case, you basically perform the routine above one more time once you have received the confirmation that your Google account and Clinked is connected (see below).

Clicking "Attach Google Files" should display a list of files of your Google Drive, from which you decide what files should be visible for your Group team members.

Please note that any editing permissions for a connected Google document, is managed from your Google Drive account - not from within Clinked.


Attach a file to a Page

Complementing the file uploading capabilities within Clinked, you can also quickly create online documents using "Pages" within your group. You can connect files to a Page via the Attachment function:

  • Go the "Pages" section of your group, either an existing Page or create a new page.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Page, where the Comments tab is shown. Click the "Attachments" tab.
    • If any files are already attached to the Page, you will see them now,
  • Click the "Add Attachment" link and start browsing for the file you want to attach, either on your computer or from your Google Drive.
  • Save the file and notice that the Attachment tab shows how many files are attached.


Embed a file into a Page

Similar to embed pictures or videos into your Pages, you can embed a file (PDF, MS Word / Excel / Powerpoint, Open Document, Rich Text documents) and thereby make it viewable from within a specific section of the Page, rather than just as an external attachment. Here is how to do it:

  • Go the "Pages" section of your group, either an existing Page or create a new page.
  • Click the "Edit" button in the upper right corner
  • Within the Page you now see a Text editor menu bar. In the upper right corner, click the "Insert" button and choose "Document" (or Image, Video, Table etc)
    • Ideally, you should position the cursor where on the page you wish the File to appear. You can however move it afterwards too.
  • Click the "Choose File" button, in order to browse for your file, then click "Upload". Once uploaded, click the "Insert" button, and you will see a file icon displayed where the document has been added (see image below). You can move it to another location by drop and drag, as well as delete it.
  • Click "Save" 
  • Usually the file is displayed instantanously, but if it is a large file you might have click Refresh a few times before the file is fully viewable. 

 Below is how the Page looks like when it is saved, the inserted document icon is replaced with an actual view of the file.



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