Email Notifications

How do Email Notifications work, and how can I manage them?

Email notifications are automatically sent to members of a Clinked group, when the following applies:

  • The content publisher uses the mention messaging to target a message to specific user(s)
  • The group member(s) is following the content which the email notification refers to
  • The group member(s) have not set their email notifications to "never" within their account or blocked incoming emails from

This way, you only receive email notifications to content updates, which you have engaged with (e.g. uploaded, edited or commented upon), or when a fellow team member explicitely mentions you in a comment or microblog. It's also possible for each member to receive email notifications for any content update within the group.

To manage your notifications, please see Account Settings.

Tell team members about new content in your Clinked group

To make sure your team members are notified about new content or changes to existing content within your groups, it is best to make a mention message to the people you think have high interest in knowing about the new content. You put the mention message either in the Comments sections, in your microblog or in the Discussion sections of your groups - and this will generate an email notification to the targeted recipient(s), which no user can avoid from the notification settings.

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