The Tasks function allows you to keep track of what you should be working on.

It is divided in 2:

  • On the Dashboard you will find a "My Tasks" box on the right of the screen. This displays tasks allocated to you personally
  • On group pages there is another box, again on the right hand side of the screen, showing  group tasks. These are sorted according to their deadlines, and group members can tick the box next to a task to mark it as completed once it has been finished, making sure that there are no issues regarding duplication.
  • Within the task settings, users can update the progress and status of their task. They can display a percentage of completion as well as assign statuses such as 'Waiting', 'Deferred' and 'In Progress'.


How to set up your tasks

To create tasks, you can either do so manually or by uploading a CSV file that you already pulled together. You can add owners of the tasks, set a due date/time, add a description and more.



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