Clinked Dashboard

If you are a member of multiple groups, or an Account Administrator, the Clinked Dashboard will be your home screen upon logging into your Clinked account.

(Note: Members of one group will see the group's home page upon logging in.) 

This Dashboard will provide an immediate overview of the activity across the groups you are a member of. We will review how this Dashboard will look from the point of view of an Account Administrator:  



  1. Person Profile: Add a profile image and enter your job title, company and telephone number.
  2. New Group: Quickly create a new group or choose the dropdown to duplicate an existing group.
  3. Group List: See all the groups you're involved in listed here. (Note: Account Administrators will see all groups & can organise the categories for others to view as well.
  4. Members (Visible for Account Admins only): View your the full list of members with access to various groups. Also, where you can add new members by assigning them to groups and setting capabilities.
  5. Notifications: Access all notifications of activities taking place within the groups up are part of such as a) content that you created/updated, b) content that you follow, c) @mentions of your group/username.
  6. Activity Stream: A real-time activity stream displaying all activities, by existing members, of the group/s that you are part of.
  7. Search: Use Clinked's account-wide search functionality across all content in the account to retrieve content and information, tagged or not.
  8. Announcement Widget: Use widgets to customise the content displayed for all users viewing the Clinked Dashboard.
  9. Task Widget: An overview of your recently edited tasks listed within the groups that you are a member of.
  10. Notes Widget: An overview of recently edited notes within the groups that you are a member of (you will see the same for your files events and discussions).
  11. Chat: Chat in real-time with individual groups and their members in the web portal & mobile applications. 



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