The Dashboard is the control centre of your portal. From here you can do the following:



1. Edit your own profile: add a profile image and enter your job title, company and telephone number.

2. Create a new Client/Project/Group or choose the dropdown to duplicate an existing group.

3. Organise and navigate through all of your created groups.

4. View your full members list to create and invite new users into groups (available for super account administrators only).

5. Notifications of different activities taking place within your content that is related to either a) content that you created/updated, b) content that you follow, c) @mentions of your group/username.

6. A real-time activity stream displaying all activities, by existing members, of the group/s that you are part of.

7. Search your entire portal to retrieve content and information, tagged or not.

8. Display a notice for all users to see when they log in (editing available for super account administrators only).

9. An overview of your recently edited tasks listed within the groups that you are a member of.

10. An overview of recently edited notes within the groups that you are a member of (you will see the same for your files events and discussions).

11. Group chat for talking in real-time with individual groups and their members.



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