Group Homepage

Group Home page

When entering each specific Group, you come to the Group Home page where you can add messages & content. Below the page, the Group Activity stream shows the latest activities in forms of which members has done what actions. A number of widgets show the latest updates in specific areas, such as:

  • Recent files (1)
  • Recent notes (2)
  • Recent discusssions (3)
  • Upcoming group events (4)
  • Recent tasks (5)


What's here?

From the Group home page, you access all Group specific content which have been uploaded or created, such as files, pages etc.  You also access group settings from here, which includes options to:

  • Change Group name
  • Change the URL to the group
  • Assign the group to a different owner
  • Create customisation of the design
  • Make the group either public or private 
  • Enable or Disable group components, such Pages Files, Events, Tasks, Discussions.

Other group settings include:

  • Delete Group
  • Export Group data for backup 


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