Managing User Permissions

Manage user permissions

Since Clinked is a collaborative platform, it is assumed that lots of users will have a relatively high degree of access to content. There are, however, means to restrict user access on different levels.

You can set permissions when inviting new users. However, those permissions are not applied by default when new files are added to the group. This section explains how to manage permissions when adding new content over time.


Set user access permissions when uploading a new file

  • When accessing the Upload file page, you will see the defaulted user permissions for the files for all group members.

    •  Change from "Group members" to "Nobody" to restrict file visibility for the group members.

      • An Administrator can still find such file if searching/browsing for it, but will not get Activity stream or email notifications

    • Change the defaulted permission for all members 

      • If members should have different access rights to individual files, it is easiest to change user permissions once the file is uploaded and tailor the access per member.



Change user permissions on an uploaded file

Below is a screenshot of viewing an uploaded file. Here is how to change permission access for any group member, within which the file is located.

  • Scroll down to the tab section below the file view.

  • Click the "Permission" tab (highlighted), and you will see "Shared with" and "Additional individual permissions" actions.

    • Set general access level for your group members for the particular file via the "Shared with" option:

      • View means a member can only view the file.

      • View, Download and Share means a member can view, download or share the file with an external individual.

      • View and Edit means a member can do all of the above plus edit/upload a new version of the file.

      • View, Edit and Delete means a member can do all of the above plus delete the file.

      • Administer means a member has the same rights as the account administrator for the file.

    • Manage individual access levels by clicking the "Add from Group members" link below "Additional individual permissions".

      • Mark the members via the checkbox, then click "Select".

      • Define which access permission(s) the selected members should have.

    • You can edit or remove the individual permissions, which puts the user back to the default Group member permission level.



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