Group Members List

The "Members" list provides an easy overview of who the group members are. You can also see what role the member has, e.g. Administrator, can create content.

  • "Administrator": Can invite new members to the Group, can access all content.

  • "Can create content": Can create & edit content, upload files;

  • Combined "Administrator + Can create content": both duties;

  • None of the above: Able to view, download and share content (unless individual file permissions are edited), but not able to contribute to content.

The Members tab makes use of each individual's personal profile, sorting them alphabetically with accompanying profile pictures and subheadings denoting their role in the company.

From the main directory, it is possible to view a person's full profile and access their contact details, as well as seeing the groups they are members of, and both who they are following and who follows them on Clinked.

So whether looking up the email of a colleague or trying to find the name of that person you only know by sight, Clinked has it covered. On a members profile administrators can also add usertags which categorises users to quickly add them to events or tasks. Usertags can also be @mentioned.



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