Announcement Widgets

Important announcements can be shared with members across your Clinked account by using the Announcement Area Widgets. Whether the announcement is account-wide or within a specific group, learn how to use the Announcement Area widgets here. 

These are designed to show an informative announcement in the:


Member Dashboard

To create a new Announcement Widget on your dashboard, use the Edit Widget functionality as an Account Administrator.

Take the following steps: 

Step 1: Edit Widget

Step 2: Add Widget

Step 3: Select Announcement Area


Step 4: Move the Announcement Area box on the Group Home to where you want & press Edit Widget again

To customize the announcement widget, click on the pencil to open the editing. Here you can change the colour & add text then hit ok. Below is an example of a final note.





Group Home

The announcement area you have created on the main dashboard will then be the one shown in an individual group when you add a new widget of an announcement area. In each group, you can either have a personalised one or the one on the main dashboard (parent copy). 


Editing an existing Announcement

You may need to select the 'delete' or 'edit pencil' on the announcement area first for it to be replaced with the new one in the main dashboard.

Users can edit the announcement widget in a specific group, by selecting the pencil icon:



Creating announcements widgets 

Multiple announcement widgets can be added to a group homepage similarly to the dashboard. 

To add an announcement widget, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Click Edit Widget > select Add Widget


Step 2: Select Announcement Area


Step 3: Move the Announcement Area box on the Group Home to where you want & press Edit Widget again

Step 4: To edit the Announcement Area, click on the pencil icon in the top right & edit in the text box




Can I have multiple announcements widgets?

Yes, you can have multiple announcements, but only in a Group homepage.

The main announcement from the Members dashboard will always carry over to all Group homepages, unless removed. If you would like to have multiple announcements, you would need to create the extra announcements within the group homepages themselves.


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