How to integrate Clinked with Adobe Sign


Adobe Sign improves the way in which your business can deliver documents, forms and payments to customers. Providing a highly secure, efficient and legally binding method for gaining signatures from your clients and partners.

Users within your Clinked portal will still be able to send, sign and automatically store files within your folders and groups, but now there will be the added option to get e-signatures from the required individuals.


Step 1: Activate Adobe Sign Integration: 

Super/Account Administrators will find the Adobe Sign integration within their 'Account Settings'. When the integration is switched on for the first time, you will be asked to sign in to your Adobe account (Note: an Adobe Enterprise account is required) in order to begin requesting signatures from users.




Step 2: Request A Signature From An Individual

Navigate to the file that requires the signature, select the Signatures tab and 'Sign with Adobe Sign'. You’ll need to enter the recipient's email and you will have the option to add a message, a password and a reminder. 



Step 3: Requested Individuals Can Sign Your Document

The recipient is going to receive the document through email. Once they open the email, they can view the document and are presented with several options regarding the method they can use to sign the document. These options include:

a) Entering their name;

b) Drawing their signature;

c) Inserting an image;

d) Signing from a mobile. 



Step 4: View Your Signed Document

Once you head back into your portal, you'll see a notification that the document has been successfully signed. Now, when you look under Signatures within your document/s, you'll see a clear confirmation that the recipient has provided their signature.