How to view members


Members can be viewed in two locations and are dependent on your assigned Member capabilities: 


Group Members

Each group has a Members section. This Members section is accessible for all members to a list of other participants in the group, their member capabilities and access to their profile.

Below is a view of how to navigate to the Members section using the circled icon:


Access to the Members section is allowed by default in all Clinked accounts. However, it can be hidden from view if required.

To hide the Members Section, a Group Admin can take the following steps to turn on the “Restricted Group” settings:

  • Navigate to Group Settings
  • In Group Settings view: check the box for "Restricted Group"
  • Expand the Advanced Settings section: check the boxes for “Disable Comments” & “Disable Chat” to turn off collaboration tools showing member names
  • Hit Update 
  • Navigate to Members Area: Assign all capabilities assigned to Groups members (except Group Admins), so that all are Basic Members with “read-only” access to the group


Account Administrator Account View

Account Administrators will have the ability to see all members across the account in the Account Member section shown below:


A member of your account can be members of one or multiple groups. They can have a different type for each group (i.e. a Group Administrator of Group A can also be a Basic Member of Group B).

The Account Administrator can control these assignments in the Account Member View area shown above. By clicking into the member’s name, a view of their membership in each group will appear and can be adjusted (type, adding, deleting access) as shown in the window below:


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