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Setting up your Clinked portal


Setting up your Clinked portal is quick and easy, take a look at this article to find out what steps you need to take to get started.

This article will cover the steps you need to complete:

Creating an account:

Start by entering your details on the signup page. Afterwards, you'll get sent an activation email to your inbox. Once you click the activation button, you'll be sent to your portal to get started. There's an optional tutorial that you can follow, or you can simply get started by yourself.


Branding your portal:

First, you'll want to head to your account settings to brand your portal. Start by uploading a logo, choosing a header banner and which features to display within your groups. You can change the terminology throughout your portal, too.

You'll also be able to request a custom URL, which comes included in our Collaboration and Enterprise packages, which enables you to remove the Clinked branding from your portal domain.

After branding your main portal, you can update your profile settings; which includes your profile photo, job role, organization name and contact number.


Creating your project/client groups:

You can create your group from scratch or duplicate an existing group if you need the same content copied over. Groups can consist of projects, departments, clients, teams or any other setup you require.

Within each group, you'll find a group dashboard with an activity stream, group files, group notes, group events, group tasks and group discussions. You can update the branding of your individual groups within the group's settings.


Inviting members to collaborate:

Within the members' list, you will be able to invite or assign users to your group. Invite users from your existing list, upload through Google contacts or upload your Outlook CSV file. You can also customize the invitation message that will get emailed out to your users.


Your group overview:

You can see an overview of activity from your group dashboard, which is called your activity stream.

Under Files, you'll be able to create files for other members to view, download, share, comment on and approve. Users can also upload their own files, including new versions; it depends on the permissions that the administrator has set.

In Notes, you have the ability to create online wiki-style documents that can be edited directly from within your group. Embed JotForms, add tables, paragraphs, images, videos, hyperlinks and more.

The group Discussions forums lets group members create and contribute to questions and store them for future reference.

The Events calendar will enable you and your users to set up events and control who can see them, who is invited and set reminder dates and times.

Within Tasks, you can create and update current tasks; whilst viewing all unstarted, completed and overdue tasks. Move the progress bar, add comments and @mention other users.


Watch this video to get taken through these steps as you set-up your Clinked client portal.