Shortcut Feature

A new content tool called 'Shortcuts' is available. Use when you want to display a shortcut to a certain Note, URL, Task etc.


How to display the Shortcut tool in the Group


To display the Shortcut tool go to the Group Settings> Group Tools

Tick 'Shortcuts', then press 'Update'



Shortcut options


Who can view Shortcuts?

Super and Group Admins can view the + shortcut icon. Other members (e.g. standard & basic) will be able to view the actual shortcuts but not the create new shortcut icon. 


The options for shortcuts you have are:

- Note

- New Note


- Anchor

- File

- Task

- Event 

- Discussions



You can add multiple shortcuts and use the 3 dot icon to drag and drop the shortcuts into the desired order




How to create a Shortcut 


To create a new shortcut click on the 'Shortcut' icon (it must be enabled for you to be able to see it)


The press the green '+ New Shortcut' button



Select the desired link and press 'Save'



The link will be displayed as a Shortcut on the left hand-side. Click into the Shortcut to open.

This is an example of a Note below 



You can also add an image icon to the Shortcut 

Simply click on the circle and upload an image

You will then see an icon appear on the left tool bar menu