Temporary Members

You can invite temporary members into a group for limited time access. This article will explain:

What is a temporary member? 

Temporary members are individuals that need access to a full group and the underlying content for a set period of time. These members can be added for a restricted period of time ranging from 1 hour to 1 week.

Temporary members are allowed into an individual group. Account Administrators and Group Administrators are able to invite temporary members and choose the period of time that a temporary member has access to the full group and content. 


Where to find the temporary member option

Navigate to a group & go to the Members area

Click on the green ‘Invite Members’ button 


This will bring up the invite box

How to add a temporary member


Enter the email address of the member you would like to invite into the group.

Select rights- e.g. ‘Basic’, 'Standard', or  ‘Administrator’.

Tick ‘temporary member’ and select the amount of time you would like the member to have access for.



Clicking the dropdown will bring up different options, as pictured below:


Selecting ‘custom’ will let you pick a specific expiration date and time for access into the group.

Press the blue ‘Invite’ button to send the invitation.

You will be able to see the temporary member in the pending invites section (or the existing members section once accepted), it will also show the time allowed in grey, e.g. 'expires in 1 hour'.

What is the experience for the temporary member

The member will receive an email notification to accept and then sign-up to access the group. They will be navigated into the group upon logging in and have access to all content of the group. Also, they will be able to comment on content and interact as other group members until their access expires.