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User Tags

User Tags are used for Members at an Account Level by an Account Administrator.

Applying User Tags to members provides a way to group users (e.g. by location/group/roles, etc.) based on your organisational needs. Some clients use User Tags to quickly add a specific group of members into the comment section of a piece of content, invitation for events or event adding to a new group. The possibilities are endless.


Who can apply & use User Tags? 

Account Administrator (“Super Admin”): Only member with capabilities to create User Tags and assign to account members.

Group Administrator (“Group Admin”): Can use User Tags in  @mentions of group content.

Group Content Contributor (“Can Contribute”): Can use User Tags in  @mentions of group content.

Group Member (“Read Only”): Can be included in a User Tag of comments.



How to apply User Tags?

Let’s explore how an Account Administrator can apply a User Tag to an individual member in Clinked to use the @mention a User Tag group:

  • An Account Administrator will go to the Account Members Area
  • Find the member & click on the member’s name to open their profile
  • At the bottom of their profile, there is a section called “User Tags”
  • Enter the appropriate User Tag(s) as needed
  • Hit Update


How to use User Tags?

After the User Tags have been applied to Members at an Account Level, they can be used across an account in Groups by Group Administrators and Group Contributors to @mention groups in comments across all content where a tag can be applied. (Note - Group Members (i.e. with read-only rights) will not be able to use this @mentiong User Tag functionality)

The User Tag can then be used in Groups across the Account. Both Group Administrators and Group Contributors can quickly comment to a group of members by using @mention rather @mentioning each member individually. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the comment section of an individuals piece of content
  • Content includes files, notes, discussions, events or task
  • Type @ and the User Tag (i.e. @fundaccounting) with a comment then hit Post Comment
  • All group members identified with that User Tag will receive notification of that comment
  • All group members will be able to reply to the comment