Zapier Integrations

Zapier connects hundreds of software products to create automation of workflows between two apps saving time and creating efficiencies. As an example, an automated workflow to share a file that’s uploaded within a Clinked group to be shared into a specific channel on Slack. It’s also super simple to quickly connect up your favourite software products!

Clinked’s Zapier integration is free for all of our customers to use. All you need to do is set up an account in Zapier to start connecting workflows.

Let’s discuss how:


How can I access Clinked's Zapier integration?

Go to & start exploring the other software products available to connect with directly from Clinked. Alternatively, search for the software products used within your organisation and explore how it can be connected with Clinked.

This search can happen without an account. However, to move forward with testing, you’ll need to create an account in Zapier and use your software product logins to connect them.


How do I create a zap?

Zapier uses triggers and actions to automate tasks between two software products. A trigger is an event in one application. An action is an event initiated by the trigger within a different application. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Zapier account
  • Click “Make a Zap”
  • Choose the Application to create the trigger
  • Select the trigger you would like to use
  • Click Save + Continue
  • You will then be asked to connect an account, choose Connect an Account and then login using your login credentials for the Application
  • Once your account is connected, you’ll be asked to Set Up Trigger Options, specify as needed then click Continue
  • Next, you need to set up an action, choose + Add a Step
  • Select the app for the action take place in based on your trigger, if you would like your trigger to initiate an action within Clinked then select Clinked, or use the search bar to find another app
  • Select an Action, then Save + Continue
  • If you haven’t previously connected the selected app with Zapier then you will need to sign in, enter your credentials then choose Save + Continue
  • Next, you will need to set up a template for the action – add the necessary details then select Continue
  • Finally, you can test your zap if needed or you can choose Skip Test and select Finish to complete the setup of your zap


Example of creating a zap

As an example, we’ll take the steps to walk through creating an event in Clinked that sends an event to Google Calendar.

Step 1: Click “Create Zap” or "Make a Zap" - either use Button 1 or Button 2 highlighted below:

Step 2: Choose Clinked as the application to create the trigger:

Step 3: Choose the trigger of creating a “New Event”



Step 4: Log into your Clinked account:

Step 5: Choose the Clinked group where the trigger will happen and select continue:


Step 6: The below view will then pop up for you to ‘Test Trigger’:


Step 7: Once the test has been completed, review to validate the data coming through and select continue. (Or revisit your steps if there was an error)


Step 8: Select the Software Application supported by Zapier that you’d like to have the action occur. In this instance, we’re exploring Clinked and Google Calendar.


Step 9: Select the action you wish to happen in the second application (i.e. when a calendar event is created in the Clinked group then create an event in my Google Calendar) and continue:

Step 10: Log into your account in the software application:


Step 11: Choose the information properties from the trigger source (i.e. Clinked Group) that you’d like pulled in to create the action (i.e. Google Calendar) then click test and continue:


Step 12: Test will start. If successful, you’ll see a screen similar to below. If for some reason it does not, you will need to retrace your steps and troubleshoot (i.e. test different properties) to get it correct:


Go into the location of the action and check to make sure the results come through as expected.


Now your Zap is ready! Select done editing and decide when you want to turn it on. 

You then have the option to switch it on or keep it off until you need it. Come back to Zapier to edit any Zaps created to turn on and off or edit accordingly.


Supported Clinked Triggers

  • New File: Triggers when a new file is uploaded in Clinked
  • New Group: Triggers when a new group is created in Clinked
  • New Task: Triggers when a new task is created in Clinked
  • New Event: Triggers when a new event is created in Clinked
  • New Folder: Triggers when a new folder is created in Clinked
  • New Task Category: Triggers when a new task category is created in Clinked


Supported Clinked Actions

  • Create Task: Creates a new task
  • Upload File: Creates a new file
  • Create Event: Creates a new event
  • Create Task Category: Creates a new task category
  • Create Group: Creates a new group
  • Create Text File: Creates a brand-new text file from plain text content you specify
  • Create Folder: Creates a new folder
  • Find Folder: Finds a folder in a group by name, optionally create one if none are found
  • Find File: Finds a file in a group by name, optionally create one if none are found
  • Find Group: Finds a group by name, optionally create one if none are found
  • Find Event: Finds an event in group by name, optionally create one if none are found
  • Find Task: Finds a task in a group by name, optionally create one if none are found
  • Find Task Categories: Finds a task category in group by name, optionally create one if none are found

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