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Account Branding

Branding your Clinked Account is super easy! As an Account Administrator, you can quickly brand your account with custom colors, add your logos and even a custom background header. 

Curious how? Following these instructions: 

Step 1: Navigate to your Profile > Account Settings


Step 2: In Account Settings, choose Branding to dig into both 1. Appearance & 2. Other Customizations. 

In Appearance, below are settings you can change:

  1. Color: Align the text color to match your branding requirements 
  2. Logos: Add your logo, a favicon or hero image as a background. File types accepted include PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP. Below are guidelines for the logo size:
    • Upload a Logo: The optimal size for the account is at least 450x360px (same for group logos)
    • Upload a Favicon: add a small logo to show up in the browser window tab next to your Account Name. The optimal image size for a favicon is 32x32 pixels with aspect ratio 1:1
    • Upload a Background: The optimal image size for the account background (header) is 1000px X 140px
  3. Choose appropriate options if desired


In Other Customisations, below are settings you can change the following settings to further customise how your Account Members will interact with your portal: 

  1. Google & LinkedIn buttons - disable if you do not want members to be able to log into your account using their Google or LinkedIn profiles
  2. Help Centre - disable if you do not want members accessing our Clinked Help Centre
  3. Powered by Clinked - disable if you do not want members to see "Powered by Clinked" on the bottom of the login screen
  4. Fluid Layout - enable to display the portal across the entire screen of a web browser without white spaces and allow the page to resize as the window size is changed
  5. Guest Area - disable to limit guest to only see the content shared without notifications
  6. Upload E-Mail in File - disable to take away the option in File to upload documents by using the folder's email address

Step 3: Hit Update to save