Group Administrator Capabilities

Each Clinked group has 3 member types to set depending on planned use of Clinked:

  • Group Administrator (“Group Admin”)
  • Standard Member (“Can Contribute”)
  • Basic Member (“Basic Access Only”)

This article will explain the capabilities of a Group Administrator


At a summary level, a Group Administrator has the capability in the following areas

  1. Group Members - Create, Invite, Assign Capabilities, View & Remove Group Members
  2. Group Trash - View & Manage Deleted Content
  3. Group Settings - Setup, Manage and Change
  4. Group Home - Setup View for all Group Members
  5. Group Content - Creation, Permissions, Tags across Tools 



The following outlines the above capabilities of these areas and tools within a Group: 


Group Members Capabilities:

  1. Group Members Area: Access to see Group Members area
  2. Manage Members: Update member capabilities in Member Profile 
  3. Create Members: Ability to invite or Assign new members
  4. Remove Members: Can remove a member from the Group
  5. Export Member List: Ability to get CSV export of members

Group Trash Capabilities: 

  • Can view content in trash
  • Can restore delete items
  • Can permanently delete items

Group Settings Capabilities: 

  • View all settings from Group creation
  • Can edit branding & visual appearance
  • Can restrict group
  • Can edit Group Tools to enable or disable their access on Group's left-hand navigation
  • Can edit Notification Settings
  • Can edit Advanced Settings 
  • Can export group data 

Group Home Capabilities:

  1. Edit Widgets - Can clink of Edit Widgets to access mode to change the layout of the Group's Home by adding, moving, editing & removing widgets
  2. Edit - Once note or widgets are added to the home, can make edits to that content directly
  3. Create announcements


Group Content Capabilities by Tool Type: 


Files Capabilities:

  1. Can add a new folder with permissions
  2. Upload files 
  3. Download/delete/cut & copy files
  4. Can update folder permissions
  5. Can download documents
  6. Upload a new version of the document
  7. Edit existing folders (delete, cut, copy, follow, sign, lock, guest share)
  8. Can add annotations/print
  9. Post comments, guest share, see previous activity, tag people, see older versions, create tasks linked to the doc, request approval and add signatures
  10. Can delete comments
  11. Can organise folder previews, e.g last modified, size
  12. Can set file permissions



Notes Capabilities:

  1. Can add new notes
  2. Edit existing notes
  3. Access note settings
  4. Guest Share, see previous activity, tag others, add attachments, see older versions & set permissions
  5. Post comments on notes

Discussions Capabilities:

  1. Can create a new discussion
  2. Reply to existing discussions unless the discussion has been made private and the group administrator has not been assigned to it.
  3. Tag people
  4. See previous activity
  5. Add attachments 
  6. Can set permissions
  7. Guest Share


Events Capabilities: 

  1. Can add a new entry
  2. Edit existing event details, e.g time and date
  3. Can force attendee’s to confirm or decline
  4. Sent reminders for the event
  5. Make the event recurring 
  6. Can invite and remove assignee’s 
  7. Guest Share, See previous activity, tag others, add attachments, see older versions & set permissions




Task Capabilities: 

  1. Can add new categories
  2. Filter date/time & assignee for categories
  3. Can filter to show all completed tasks
  4. Download tasks
  5. Can update progress of task
  6. Ability to add tasks to existing categories
  7. Edit existing tasks inc time, date, assignees, reminders, recurrences and status
  8. Delete/unfollow existing tasks
  9. Post comments, guest share, see activity, tag people, add attachments & set permissions
  10. Can select a task, multiple tasks or task category to copy & then paste into another group where they are a Group Administrator or a Content Contributor


Now you've learnt about our Group Administrator capabilities, why not learn more about our Standard Member.