Can I limit Group Administrators from seeing all members across my Clinked account?

Yes, Group Administrators are allowed to add members using the function of "Assigning Members" to access a list of other members. However, the list of members they see will only be members that Group Administrator is connected within other groups. This list will not show all members across your Clinked account. 


The Connected Member feature was created to enhance the data protection rights of all account members. This adds an extra layer of security to limit Group Administrators from seeing account members they are not already connected within another group. Group Administrators are able to add new members using email invitations and, if that invited member is already a member of another group in your Clinked account, they will be simply added to the Group Member list.


Let's explore how a Clinked client can use this new feature with their own clients: 

Budex uses Clinked to work with their clients, including Willowbend Investments. Sam is the Group Administrator of the Willowbend Investments Group that is used to work directly with both Francisco and Evelyn to deliver the services provided by the Budex's team on Willowbend Investments portfolio.

Francisco has been designated as a Content Contributor so he has been able to lead the content creation and management as he works alongside Evelyn. Francisco and Evelyn have been impressed how easily they can interact with Sam in the group - they like the collaboration functionality across all the content & mobile access - and have found the tasks tool increasingly helpful working remote. Francisco would like to expand how they work with Budex across different teams using tasks and asked Sam if he can take more of an administrative role in the group.

Amanda is Budex's Account Administrator. She controls all aspects of their Clinked account as part of her role as Budex's Senior Vice President of Clients. They started using Clinked to work better for and with their clients by adding a secure platform for all client and team interactions. Sam has brought this request by Francisco to Amanda and they have decided to add value to Willowbend Investments.  The best course of action to achieve more together on the services offered is to offer Francisco more ownership of the group. As such, they have decided to make Francisco a Group Administrator alongside Sam so, in addition to his capabilities as a Group Contributor, he can: 

(Need a refresh on Group Members in Clinked, visit our help centre here)


Thanks to the feature of Adding Connecting Members, Amanda is able to change Francisco's member type with confidence. She knows that when he adds new members using the "or Add People From..." functionality he will only see a list of other account members he has in common through shared groups. In this case, Francisco is a member of 3 other groups in Budex's Clinked account for Willowbend Investment's portfolio work therefore he will only see the other members of those groups in this list. 


Now that we've set the story and situation, let's see how to implement this in action within Budex's Clinked account.

Sam will login to the Budex account and go to the Willowbend Investment Group to navigate to the Members Area, which is visible to all group members: 

In the Group Members screen, Sam will click on Francisco's name to activate the member's profile area. Here he can update Francisco's capabilities from Group Contributor (show as checked "Can create content" box) to Group Administrator by checking off the "Administrator" box as show below: 

Now Francisco has been enabled in the Willowbend Investments group as a Group Administrator. When he logs in and navigates to the members area, he will see the term "Administrator" below his name as shown below. He can now has the capabilities to add new members by using the "Invite or Assign Members" box to bring additional colleagues and consultants into the group without requiring Sam's assistance when he was set up as a Group Contributor. 


To add these colleagues and consultants, Francisco will have two options:

  1. Invite 
  2. Assign Members

To invite new members, he simply adds their email address to the box below then assigns the member's capabilities (Sam has advised him to only add members as either 1. Group Contributors by selecting the "Can create content" box or 2. Group Member by selecting neither box) and adding a short note before hitting "Invite or Assign" to welcome them into the group.  

Francisco can also Assign Members using the "or add people from..." link under the email box to view his Connected Members. These will be the people he is in shared groups with and they will be listed for selection as shown below: 

He is now able to take additional control of the Willowbend Investments group. This has brought added value to them as Budex Clients to further use the capabilities of the group, including tasks, across their wider team. Budex is happy they are able to offer this additional functionality and value to their client as part of their service offering. 

We hope this helps you understand how to further understand the capabilities of Group Administrators and how Clinked will help protect member data privacy.