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Creating a New Group

Groups are an integral part of your portal, this is where you will manage your members content and activity. You may choose to set up your groups as your clients or projects, though it is not limited to just these as you also have the option to change the name of the groups. You may also choose to take advantage of our Subgroups feature, this functionality can be used to swiftly share content from a designated main group where content is managed (added, updated or deleted) to associated subgroups.

Introduction to groups

There are various ways you can use your groups within the portal, for example you could use them to group clients, branch regions, internal teams and more. Here at Clinked we use our groups feature to manage the content within our different teams, such as the sales team, marketing team. It makes it easy to then manage the content separately, rather than them being all together.


How to create a group

Step 1.

Click "New Client or Project" as circled below.

Note: You can also choose to duplicate existing groups using the drop down arrow, if you wish to copy the same content over multiple clients/projects. Some companies create a 'template' group and then use this to duplicate from.



Step 2.

You then have the option to complete the groups information as below:

  1. Enter the group name - this will then populate the group URL below.
  2. If this will be a subgroup where content will be shared down from a main group. See this article on subgroups for more information.
  3. Add a group logo.
  4. Enable tools that you'd like the group to utilize.
  5. Groups members will automatically receive notifications on content they interact with. Explore our notification options Notification.
  6. Edit the advanced settings, these options are: Disable Recent, Created by, I follow widgets, Disable Comments, Disable chat feature.



Step 3. 

Now you have created the group you will then see it in the left hand side and at the top of your page as referenced in the below picture. You have the option to filter by name if you have created many groups and need to find a specific one. 



Now that you have created your groups and subgroups, you can go in and start to edit the group homepage and invite members