Configurable Widgets in Group's Home Page

This article will show you how to use configurable widgets in a Group's Home page. 

With configurable activity dashboards, Clinked users are able to quickly see a summary of activity across their various groups in the dashboard once logged in. Now you can customise the setup of each group's home page to meet that client or group's needs. Whether you want to show folds, tasks or an event calendar you now can thanks to an expanded set of widgets to display specific content to the group.

Widgets can be displayed on the group dashboards page for easy access. These new widgets can be tailored to specific client needs to display a note, task category set,  discussion board and folder based upon the needs of each group.

This article will explore:

How to customise group dashboard widgets

You can customise a Group's Home page to make it meet the needs of the groups. From adding and deleting widgets to changing the overall format around, you have the ability to set the best view for the members of the group and what you want to achieve together. 

The following sections will explore how to do this by:

Adding widgets

Step 1

In the top right corner of the Group Home page, click on the "Edit Widget" button to access the dashboard edit tool.

Step 2

Click on "Add Widget" to open the various widgets options. Select the types of widget type you'd like from the following options (below are all options available when all tools are active - note that some will not be available if a tool is not active in Group Settings): 

  • Welcome Notes
  • Note (individual note)
  • Discussion
  • Activity Stream 
  • Recent Notes
  • Task Category 
  • Tasks Summary
  • Recent Discussions 
  • Recent Files
  • Folder
  • Events Summary
  • Announcement Area


Step 3

Press the green + button to add the desired widget (e.g. a Note) 


Step 4

Once you have selected the widget type you like, use the icons in the grey circles on the widget to 1. Move (cross with 4 arrows, 2. Delete (X icon) or 3. Cog/Sprocket (to configure, if you'd like to change).

Step 5

If you want to choose a specific note, discussion board, task category or folder, you'll have the option to choose the specific piece of content by choosing the Cog/Sprocket icon to configure.


Step 6

Once all is configured as desired, click on "Edit Widget" to close the dashboard edit tool. 


Changing Layout

If you select the drop-down menu next to +Add Widget, you can then edit the layout of your dashboard by choosing from the different display options. This determines how many columns you will have, and the size of each column.

Drag & Drop: In order to edit the display of widgets, navigate to your dashboard or a group home page and select the button Edit Widgets. This then enables the ability to drag and drop the widgets into your preferred order using the cursor on the left.


Which member types can customize and view the edited widgets?

Account Administrators and Group Administrators have the ability to customise Group Home pages by adding, editing and moving widgets as well as the layout. Below are outlines of the rights for each

Account Administrator ("Super Admin")

  • Can add, edit & delete widgets on all account Group Home pages
  • Can add, edit & delete widgets on the Account Dashboard
  • Make adjustments to layout on all account Group Home pages
  • Make adjustments to layout on the Account Dashboard

Group Administrator ("Group Admin")

  • Can add, edit & delete widgets on the Group Home page of Group(s) they are Group Admin of
  • Make adjustments to layout on the Group Home page of Group(s) they are Group Admin of


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