Embedding External Videos

Clinked allows you to embed videos into the portal and this can be useful for anything from training videos to a welcome video for users when they log in. Take a look below at the simple steps to embedding a video into the notes tool.

Embed external videos on a Clinked Note

  • Navigate to the Notes area of your Clinked Group 
  • Create a new Note by clicking in the top right corner "+ New Note" green button
  • In the new Note, start by naming the click "Insert" on the Note menu navigation and choose "Embed Media"


  • In the new window, you'll be navigated to the General tab. Here you can copy in the complete URL code from the video source & adjust the dimensions as desired. Alternatively, you can also use the Embed tab to copy in the code from the video source or use the Advanced tab.
  • Click 'Ok' and the video will appear in the comment box



  • Then select 'Save', if you wish for the video to show on your group homepage, add the specific note in the widgets.

In addition, there are two additional options to embed media using the Embed or Advance tabs to explore.