Google Calendar Integration

You can connect your Clinked group calendar with external calendars including Google Calendar, to sync events on both calendars. It is only possible to "export" events which are created on a Clinked calendar to an external calendar, not the other way around. Though if you would like to import event data from your external calendar into clinked you can do this using Zapier if your chosen calendar app is supported.


How to connect a Clinked calendar with Google Calendar:

  • Go to your specific Clinked group, and to the Event section where you schedule calendar events.


  • Right-click the "Subscribe (iCalendar)" link and choose "Copy link address".



  • Open your Google Calendar
  • Open the menu "Other calendars", visible to the left of the page, and choose "Add by URL".
  • Paste the address into the URL field.  Change the webcal:// at the beginning to http://, then click Add to import the new calendar.


  • After a few moments, depending on how many calendar events you are importing, you’ll see the new calendar listed under 'Other calendars', and the new appointments will be listed on your calendar in the same colour.  You can customise or remove an online iCal calendar just like you would any other calendar.

Click here to watch a video that shows you how to integrate your Google Apps, including calendar.