Basic Member Capabilities

Each Clinked group has 3 member types to use depending on our planned use of Clinked:

  • Group Administrator (“Group Admin”)
  • Standard Member (“Can Contribute”)
  • Basic Member (“Basic Access Only”)

This article will explain the capabilities of a Basic Member at the Group level. 


At a summary level, a Basic Member has the capability in the following areas

  1. Group Home - View Home & any widgets
  2. Group Content - Read Only unless permissioned 


Group Home Capabilities:

  1. A Basic member has access to view personal settings
  2. Access tools on the left-hand side



The following outlines the above capabilities of these areas and tools within a Group: 


Group Members Capabilities:

  1. Group Members Area: Can view Group Members area  



Group Settings Capabilities: 

  • No Access


Group Content Capabilities by Tool Type: 


Files Capabilities:

  1. Basic members can see the previous activity on a document
  2. The different file versions



Notes Capabilities: 

  1. Basic Members can view and flag notes
  2. View Comments
  3. View previous activity
  4. View other versions


Discussions Capabilities:

  1. Basic Members can view discussions and their replies unless permissions have been set to private. 
  2. Basic Members can comment/reply on private discussions, but only if they have been assigned to this discussion using permissions.
  3. Can tag, see activity and add attachments in private discussions they have been assigned to.
  4. Can guest share on private discussions they have been assigned to.

Events Capabilities:

  1. Basic members can access events that they have been invited to/assigned



Inside the event group members have been invited too:

  1. Basic members can edit the time and date
  2. Write comments
  3. Force member to accept or decline
  4. Set a reminder for the event
  5. Make the event recurring
  6. Guest share, see previous activity and add attachments



Task Capabilities: 

  1. Basic members can view tasks. They can only edit tasks that they have been assigned to.



Within the tasks that basic members are assigned too they can: 

  1. Update the task name
  2. Add comments into the event
  3. Update the category/Progress
  4. Edit the time and date
  5. Set a reminder for the task
  6. Set a Task Priority 
  7. The ability to make the task recurring
  8. The ability to assign people to the task
  9. Can guest share
  10. See previous activity
  11. Can add attachments