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Learn how to use the Reachout feature in Clinked

This article will cover the  following:


Where to find the Reachout feature:

If you are a Super or Group Admin you will find the Reachout icon on the main members dashboard at the top between the members list & search icons. As circled below:



What is Reachout & why would you use it?


Reachout is a great method of communicating to multiple groups at once. 

This feature gives you the option to send out mass emails to either individual groups or all groups. This will include all the members within the group you choose.  Super and Group admins will be able to send communication to all members of the selected groups. You can also send yourself a test email to yourself to check the layout first. Now you have the option to send to individual members, user-tags alongside groups.

Super handy for immediate communication with your clients - from a monthly newsletter or event invitation to a notification of your business go-forward plans.

How to create a Reachout 


Step 1 

To create your reach out, first go to the megaphone icon at the top of your clinked portal, then select +New Reach Out


Step 2

Type the names of the groups you would like to send the message to, or select them from the list of clients

Typing example


Select clients from list example

Step 3

Enter a subject line and your text , you can also add media, links, or attach a document straight from your computer. For example, here I have created a reminder email for a monthly factsheet announcement that has been released to the stock exchange, and attached the link for easy navigation to the announcement. I have selected the client group which includes all the directors who need to see this announcement. 


Step 4

Once your Reach Out is ready, you can send a test email to see a quick preview, or simply hit Send 

You can check the status of your reachout out by clicking back on the reachout icon and a list of previously created reachouts will appear. The status will say ‘complete’ once sent

You can view the sent reachout by clicking into it. Here you can also view the group, email recipients and attachments 

How to add images and videos to a Reachout



To add an image click 'Insert' and then 'Insert Image' then simply upload the image you would like to use and it will appear in the Reachout.

To insert a video select 'Embed Media' and paste the URL link

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