Using Google Sheets in Clinked

This article will explain how to insert a Google Sheet as an iFrame in Clinked 


Google Sheets has been a key data tool for many businesses. It is also an efficient way to present data to your clients - and allows for iframes so you can integrate data views into your Clinked groups. This integration allows you to setup notes for others (even those without a Google account) to work directly in the Google Sheet from Clinked and update the changed made in real time in both Google and Clinked.

Step 1: How to create a Google Sheet

This section will explain how to create a Google Sheet, copy the url link and use the allowed domains in Clinked correctly.

  • Create your Google Sheet (to do this navigate to>spreadsheets). Start a new spreadsheet and select a template.
  • Once you have edited the spreadsheet and want to bring it into Clinked, click on the green ‘share’ button at the top right-hand corner of the Google Sheet. 
  • Next press ‘Get Shareable Link’


Note: If preferred, a Google Sheet can be shared as a published read only document. To do this, hit File > Publish to the Web to get to the publish settings. Use the Link option and setup the appropriate page to be shared (i.e. workbook, 1 page, etc) and copy URL to use in iFrame instead. See below example:


Now navigate to your Clinked account

You will need to place part of the Google Sheet url link into Clinked in the 'Allowed domains for iframe links' section before creating the note. 

  • Go into Account Settings> Security and Authentication> Allowed domains for iframe links  
  • Make sure that is an allowed domain. Type into the allowed domain for iframe links box and press update.


Step 2: How to import a Google Sheet into a note

This section will explain the steps required to create the iframe using the notes functionality. Make sure the allowed domains have been set correctly beforehand. 

  • Firstly, navigate to the notes section and create a new note using the '+ new note' button 
  • Then press Insert > Embed iframe
  • Paste the URL link from Google Sheets in the URL box. Adjust the width and height as required. Select insert to activate iframe.
  • Your iFrame will appear as pictured below. Enter a note name and save your iframe.
  • You will be able to edit the Google Sheet directly from the Clinked note


 Step 3: How to share the iframe on the Group Home Dashboard

This section will explain how to display a completed Google Sheet in a Group Homepage. 

  • Once you've setup your Google Sheet as a note in Clinked, you can also display it in the group homepage thanks to our widget functionality.
  • To do this: Press Add Widget> + Note
  • Next you will need to configure the widget (the configure button is the cog on the right) 
  • Then select the desired note you wish to display e.g. May Electricity Invoice 
  • The note will appear on the homepage as pictured below, where it can be directly edited 


Hope this helps explain how you can work with Google Sheets in Clinked. Please see related articles below: