Overview of Members

Members are users of Clinked that belong to certain groups across your Clinked environment. A member of your account can be a member of one or multiple groups. They can be assigned  different member rights for each group (i.e. a Group Administrator of Group A can also be a Standard Member of Group B).

The Account Administrator can add and manage members by assigning groups and capabilities in the Members area of the Account (as pictured below).

A Group Administrator can add and manage members capabilities in the group on the Members area of the Group. 

Firstly, when inviting a new user you will need to select the account rights for that member- if you want them to be an account administrator select 'Super Admin', to have the ability to create groups select 'Group Creator'. If you do not not want them to be a Super Admin or have the ability to create groups select 'Member'. 

There are 4 types of members (and their “assigned title” on the Members List) to be used across your Clinked environment:

Account Administrator (“Super Admin”)
Account Administrator can control and adjust the account settings. Account Administrator can invite members and assign members types. They have the rights to control components in the account and groups across the entire account. They can see everything in the account.

Administrator (“Group Admin”)
Group Administrator can control the settings of their assigned group(s). They can create content and assign permissions to files and folders for other members to access. They can invite people to be members of their group(s) and assign manage member’s type for the group.

Standard Member (“Can Contribute”)
These members can create content by uploading files into a group. They can create new Notes, Discussions, Events and Tasks. The can comment and reply to discussions. 

Basic Member (“Read Only”)
These members have basic access to the group. They cannot create content. However, they can participate in the collaboration functionality of the group, e.g. comment on a File. They can view Discussions but are not able to reply to them. They can download existing content but are unable to upload anything.


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