Using DocuSign in Clinked

Clinked now integrates with DocuSign. You can integrate the two systems so that you can receive signatures on your Clinked documents. This article will explain the following:

How to send a file for signature from Clinked using DocuSign

Firstly, make sure DocuSign is linked ‘on’ by going to Account Settings> Integrations. This process will need to be completed by an Account Administrator of your Clinked Account. 

Once the integration is switched to 'on',  you will get redirected to DocuSign and it will ask you to authenticate and grant permission to Clinked (DocuSign requires an email and password to authenticate). Once that's done you will get redirected back to Clinked and the integration will be active.


Once DocuSign has been linked in your account, go to the File you want signed and navigate to the bottom of the File and select 'DocuSign'

If using Clinked with DocuSign for the first time, follow the steps to accept consent to link Clinked to your DocuSign account. After following the steps, select ‘Sign with DocuSign’


Insert a subject heading, type in the signer name and signer’s email address. Press ‘Next’ 

You will be taken to your DocuSign account to customize your file.

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 11.46.59


Here in DocuSign, add any required fields such as 'signature', ‘company name’ or ‘phone number’ using drag and drop. You can customize the sizing and format here. You can insert multiple signatures if you require more than one signature on various pages of the document. Then click ‘send’ so that your signer can receive the document to review.

You will receive an email from DocuSign notifying you that a File has been signed. Once signed you can download the completed document in Clinked to view it. You can also see which documents you are awaiting signatures on - they will come up as ‘waiting’.


Receiving a file from the Clinked integration with DocuSign for review


If you have been assigned the signer, you receive an email (called envelopes in DocuSign) like the one pictured below asking you to ‘review document’. This will be addressed from DocuSign as shown below:



What is an envelope in DocuSign?

An envelope is basically an invite to sign document(s) - you can send a single envelope to multiple recipients and have all their signatures visible at the same time

Envelops can also be used to send 1 person multiple files to sign at once. 


Press ‘review document’ in the email. This will lead to an area to sign, either by drawing or selecting a chosen signature and enter your initials via DocuSign. 


Upon signing, you will see the completed field (e.g. signature) on the file for final approval. To complete, click "Finish" to end your side of the signature process. 


If you have a DocuSign account, the actions and status of the process can be viewed for your envelopes.


How to view the status of files in Clinked


To view the status of files within Clinked navigate to the File you requested a signature/fields on.

Scroll to the bottom of the document and select 'DocuSign'  


Once the reviewer has signed the document the status will appear as 'signed'

If the reviewer has not yet signed the document the status will appear as 'waiting', if the document has been left unsigned for a longer amount of time it will appear as 'pending' 


Hope this helps you understand our DocuSign integration. Interested in our other integrations? Find out more about Zapier and Adobe Sign here: