The events tool allows you to keep on top of your diary, here you can input meetings or events and invite others to join you. Content Contributors and Administrators are able to use this feature by inputting/deleting and editing events, read only members can only view what's already in the calendar. The events tool is designed in a way so that you may find similarities to other Calendars you have experience with to allow for familiarity and ease of use. 


This article will explain the events tool and how to use them in Clinked by covering the following:


Introduction to Events

Events is a helpful tool to ensure smooth day to day running of your company. Here you can input meetings for group members and ensure a reminder is provided for all participants. There are many edit features within the events tool to allow you to tailor the booking for meeting or event needs. Also, they are colour coded in blue to differentiate from tasks that also appear in the calendar and are marked in orange to make it easy for you to distinguish between the two.


How to create an event

There are two ways to create an event:

  1. You can click the 'New Event' button this arrow
  2. You can double click on the date in the calendar


Once you select either of these options it will take you to this screen where you have the option to:

  1. Enter the event title
  2. Set a date or set the event to 'All Day'
  3. Enter a location
  4. Enter text - there are various formatting options 
  5. Force members to accept or decline the invite 
  6. Set a reminder for the task
  7. Make the event recurring
  8. Invite members
  9. Tag users


Other features such as permissions and guest share are available when you edit the event.



How to edit an existing event

To edit an existing event simply double click on the one you would like to open and select edit in the top right corner, you will then have more new options as shown below:

  1. Guest Share
  2. See previous activity
  3. Tag users
  4. Set permissions 
  5. Comment



How to delete an event 

If for some reason you need to delete and event that you have created, click on the event once and it will show this box:

  • Click on the dog
  • Select delete



You will then be prompted as shown below and you will have the option to:

  • Delete the event without notifying any of the attendees
  • Delete and notify the attendees 

If you decide you wouldn't like to delete the event at this point, simply refresh the page



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