What are notifications?

Clinked provides each member notifications of activity for the group(s) they are a member of. 

These notifications can be received in Clinked (portal & mobile application) when a member is logged in and also as an email notification to the member's email address. Notifications will be sent to a member based on activity within the group or groups they are a member of. Notifications can be managed for each group based on the desire needs and cadence set by the account or group administrator. And, also can be customised by the individual member, if desired.

See below information on the different type of notifications within each and how to manage/customise them.

Who can manage these Group notification settings?

Group notification settings can be managed by the 2 member types listed below. While these settings cannot be amended by other members, these members can make certain changes within personal settings or content that can be discussed below.

If you wish to learn more about these members and their capabilities, please click on each one to be redirected to their articles. 


What do notifications look like?

Notifications in Clinked can be received via email or through the client portal. Below shows you how both will look for you and your members. The emails are customised with your branding, this is pulled through from the branding uploaded to the portal so no need to set this up separately.


Email Notification 

This will be received at the email address associated with the Member.



This will be received within the portal when the Member is logged in. 


Also, if using the Clinked App on iOS or Android devices, notifications can be received and managed as you would any other App on your mobile device. 


How do I manage notifications?

Notifications are designed in Clinked to be sent to Group Members on the content they create, they follow or they are involved with or assigned/invited (i.e. tasks & meetings). The frequency of these emails can be changed from the initially created cadence by individual Group members settings

Please see our Notifications Article to customise your Personal notification settings.

In addition, any Group Member can choose to follow or unfollow a piece of content by looking for the Red Flag for that content. When enabled, this will be red to signal you are following the content and will receive notifications. When disabled, the flag will be grey to signal you are not following the content and will not receive notifications. Below is an example of this in Notes: 


At a Group level, Group Administrators and Account Administrators can adjust Group Settings for notifications in the following three ways.  


To find these go to Group Settings > Notifications 



Disable content following E-mail notifications

Whenever you see a flag in the corner of content on Clinked, this is the following flag. If you wish to receive updates on a specific piece of content you can click the flag and make it red, see below an example in notes. 

As well as being able to follow other people's content, all content you personally create within Clinked will automatically select you as following. This includes anything from creating a new discussion to uploading a file into a folder. In both of these scenarios, a Members has the ability to individually un-follow the content by clicking on the red flag to change it back to grey.

The 'disable content following email notifications setting' switches off ALL EMAIL notifications for content Members follow. However, you will still receive notifications within the portal when logged in.


Configure new content notifications for members

Enable this open to all members to receive notification of any new content created in the group.  This can be customised for the email to be sent immediately upon creations, a daily update of all new content created, or weekly email summary. The individual members will also be able to adjust this after enabled in their personal settings. 

Configure overdue tasks notifications for members

Enable this option to allow group members to receive notifications on overdue tasks. This email notification can be sent daily or weekly. The individual members will also be able to adjust this after enabled in their personal settings. 


To further understand notifications, please check out these additional articles: