Members Dashboard

If you are a member of multiple groups, or an Account Administrator, the Members Dashboard will be your home screen upon logging into your Clinked account.

(Note: Members of one group will see the group's home page upon logging in.) 

This Dashboard will provide an immediate overview of the activity across the groups you are a member of. We will review how this Dashboard will look from an Account Administrator view:  



  1. Members (Visible for Account Admins only) - View your the full list of members with access to various groups. Also, where you can add new members by assigning them to groups and setting capabilities.
  2. Reachout - This feature gives you the option to send out mass emails to either individual groups or all groups, you can also send yourself a test email to yourself to check the layout first.
  3. Search - Use Clinked's account-wide search functionality across all content in the account to retrieve content and information, tagged or not.
  4. Messages - This is part of our chat feature, here is where you would see a list view of all the current conversations you have open.
  5. Requests - These request notifications can be anything from being assigned a task, to someone inviting you to an event.
  6. Notifications - Access all notifications of activities taking place within the groups up are part of such as a) content that you created/updated, b) content that you follow, c) @mentions of your group/username.
  7. Your Profile - Here is where you would update your photo and work information e.g Job title.
  8. New Group - Quickly create a new group or choose the dropdown to duplicate an existing group.
  9. Group List -See all the groups you're involved in listed here. (Note: Account Administrators will see all groups & can organise the categories for others to view as well.
  10. Activity Stream - A real-time activity stream displaying all activities, by existing members, of the group/s that you are part of.
  11. Edit Widgets - Manage your dashboard widgets with this button, you can configure and add/remove with this feature.
  12. Announcement Widget - If you have an important announcement and you wish your groups to be informed use this feature. Once you make an announcement, if the group homepages have the announcement feature enabled, the announcements will carry over to them.


Now that you are up to speed on our members dashboard, why not check out our article on Account Settings.